We have spent dozens of hours sitting at rental houses, waiting to check out gear. Sometimes we have waited because the gear was late to be returned. Sometimes we have waited because there was another shoot that had arrived for checkouts before us. Sometimes we have waited because rental technicians were repairing damages to the gear we were supposed to rent. Sometimes we have waited because the rental house wanted to give the gear to a client that was more famous or had more money.

And for every hour that we've waited, we've lost a little bit of our sanity and self-respect.

So we decided to reclaim our dignity (and yours!) by starting Pulsar House: a boutique grip and electric service house located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

At Pulsar House, the gear won't be out on another shoot (our knowledge of quantum physics tells us our superatomic G&E package cannot occupy two places at once.)

There won't be another shoot that arrived for checkouts before you, because we don't really have that much gear. Our gear won't be worn down, rusty, loose, squeaky, chipped, or disgusting. We stand by the quality of our gear, because more often than not, we are on set with it as technicians. We simply won't let people treat our gear with anything less than the utmost respect and aplomb.

And all of our clients are equally famous and wealthy, so we don't play favorites.

Listen--you need gear, we need money, let's make movies.